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What is Caloboo?

Caloboo is a free online application that allows you to keep records of fuel, service and other expenses associated with your vehicle. The application is currently in the final testing phase. We are planning many more new features to help you get a better overview of your vehicle's expenses.

Within our application, you can:
- Keep a record of fuel consumption
- Record regular maintenance, emergency failures and damage, as well as performance tuning records.
- Keep track of various expenses (tolls, parking, tax, registration ...) in order to have a complete insight into vehicle usage cost.
- Download the record from the person you bought the vehicle
- Leave the record to the person to whom you sold the vehicle
- And much more...

... for desktop computers

Caloboo exists in the desktop version as a web application.

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... for Android devices

The Android app "Caloboo" is primarily intended for users on the go.

Coming soon...

... for iOS devices

Soon, iOS app for iPhone and iPad users.

Coming soon...